The Bread Baker’s Manifesto

I bake real bread. If you want soulless bread where each loaf or roll looks exactly the same as all the others, go buy your bread from a factory.

Too long has the tyranny of factory bread reigned. With long lists of chemical ingredients too vile to name. With the same shelf life as a piece of foam.

I believe in a world where real bread is understood and celebrated for the good, delicious, nourishing food that it is. I believe in a world where real bread is affordable and ubiquitous. And to achieve this dream I need you to get baking.

In this house we bake. The only way to wrest power back from the factories of doom is to go back to the old ways. Our most powerful tool to disarm them is our power to decentralise. Buy from your local baker. Bake at home. Sell bread to your family, friends, neighbours.

In this house we teach. I roundly reject the idea that real bread is hard to do. Anyone can do it. Your duty, once you have learnt to bake real bread, is to teach others.

We bake real bread. Do you?

Gautam and Saher