All Things Bread No.8

Hello Friends of Sourdough!
Today’s edition has a discussion on “horsebread”, Durum flours vis a vis pizza dough and a homework assignment to help you prepare!

This newsletter has 3 sections :
All Things Bread is a discussion of things I’ve been reading and watching in the world of bread that I think you might enjoy.
Zoom Debrief is where I discuss and expand on everything we covered in our Zoom discussion. If, during the zoom, I said I’ll link more information on a subject then this section is where you’ll find it.
Starting Your Sourdough Starter is where you can find my “Quick Guide” to starting a starter culture and answers to your starter questions.

All Things Bread 
Did you know Horse Bread is/was a thing?

From wikipedia ” Horsebread was a type of bread sometimes consumed in medieval Europe. This bread was, at the time, considered a low-quality bread, made from legumes (such as dry split peas) and bran as well as or instead of grains, and was one of the cheapest breads available. It was fed to horses but also eaten in times of famine by the indigent and those who could not afford white bread (which was the most labour-intensive, and therefore expensive, bread) or other breads like rye or barley breads…”

I want to bring Horse Bread back! Not just for horses but for hoomans too. It sounds delish and super healthy! This horse bread recipe is literally the first hit on google.

And now for some…HOMEWORK! As we get closer to starting to bake, I’d like you to please review this video. Mike has one of my fav YT channels

Zoom Debrief
Super Excited to see the starters come together. Doughnatella and Pintu are doing so well. Quarantina definitely has a caring dedicated mom so she’s on her way to Bubbly Goodness soon! And good luck Fa’falf!!

For all of us starting our starters now, they do take some time, the first week is the hardest.

So worry not 
Or worry do
But make sure you
Post your worries on the group
So the rest of us can help de-worry you.

Ruks was talking about pizza dough recipes so this is a great place to mention Durum / Semolina : Durum is a cousin of wheat but does not share wheat’s ability to form a strong gluten network. It does however impart a chewy texture and sweet aroma to your pizza bases.
I’ve also used it in breads following Peter Reinhart’s “Epoxy method” with great results! The epoxy method is just a fancy way of saying you make two separate doughs with different ingredients ad them mix them at a certain stage to get the best features of both.

I’m excited for us all to start experimenting with durum and buckwheat and emmer and rye but first we must get familiar with our base recipe! And for that I’d encourage any first time bakers to use all purpose or ‘maida’ flour for your first few batches. 
Once you gain familiarity with your base recipe you can start discovering all these flours and other additions and see how each changes your bread in their own wonderful ways.

See you all today at 4pm Dubai!