All Things Bread No.6

Hello Friends of Sourdough!
How are you all and how are your starters? The names you have come up with are just spectacular, spectacular I tell you! Makes mine (Montague) seem boring by contrast.

All Things Bread 

How do I love to eat thee, Sourdough? Let me count the ways

Perhaps you would like Gordon to show you to make Avo Toast? (Ekam’s recipe looked far better but I’m not sure if she wants to share;)   

Or you can go #traditional and serve up your sourdough with your fave olive oil and some coarse salt or balsamic vinegar. I’ve found pomegranate syrup to be a level-up replacement to balsamic! It’s what I serve at home with my bread 🙂

Now Dima Al Sharif sells some incredible traditional Palestinian dips and sauces and her Smoked Red Chilli Sauce is mouthwateringly delish. Disclaimer: I’m hoping to maybe work with Dima and her hubby Firas on sourdough in the future!

But that got me thinking : what Indian pickles and chutneys would go well with SD? Tamarind Chutney comes to mind…but its already sour / tangy and so is SD… so perhaps something sweet or hot?
Let me know what you think?
I’ll try mine with some Maagai pickle that mom brought me from Hyderabad. It’s a delish Andhra style pickle..Will let you know how that goes! 

Let us know on the group how you are enjoying your bread! Oh that reminds me there’s this wonderful subreddit where all people do is post and rate pictures of their tea and snacks!

Zoom Debrief
As some BreadHeads approach the baking stage we discussed Quantities to expect and plan for. 
As a heads-up here is a sample recipe so that you can plan your ingredients : 
500gm All Purpose Flour (Yes Sandeep you can use Whole Wheat / Atta too 🙂
In the Baker’s percentage system the flour you use is called the 100% ingredient. In other words all other ingredients are expressed as a % of the Total Flour amount as you will see below…
Water 70% = 350gm (70% of 500)
Leaven 20% = 100gm (20% of 500) 

Salt 2% = 10gm (2% of 500)

So thats a quick look at the quantities to expect. We’ll speak more about the percentage system on a zoom soon.  

Shaping: I’ll record my shaping technique and post them to the group. But remember each baker shapes differently and you’ll find what works best for you. Could I ask Mol and Ruks to also post their own shaping techniques on the group so we can all see? 

See you all today at 4pm Dubai!