All Things Bread No.4

Hello Friends of Sourdough!
In today’s newsletter we discuss creative ideas for your “Discard”, the zoom debrief, and finally I’ve kept the “Quick Guide” in place for now. Going forward that section will become a link to the website that we are building…stay tuned!  

All Things Bread 
On yesterday’s zoom we spoke briefly about what to do with the part of the starter that you remove, ie, the ‘discard’ so here is a recipe for Starter Pancakes

You can find more incredible starter recipes here and here

Zoom Debrief
We are all getting to know our starters really well! We’re proactively taking actions to keep the culture going and its just incredible to see. I promise you once we have reached a stable state, our starters become much more low maintenance. 

Remember, if and when that line of liquid forms, get rid of it proactively. If your starter is fermenting too fast, you can slow it down using the techniques listed in “Slowing down an overactive starter” in the section below. 

We also looked at a recipe for Pizza using your excess starter – this one is a must-try folks, it will be the most flavourful pizza base you’ve ever made! Simply add more flour to your starter to make it workable, let it rest for about an hour then divide and shape into discs. Next get your oven nice and hot, then on goes your pizza sauce, toppings and you’re all set to pop that pie in the oven! Don’t forget to post pictures to the group! 
See you all today at 4pm Dubai!